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The 7+1 Components of Successful Wealth Management

1. Investment management*

2. Cash flow management

3. Family risk management (insurance)

4. Retirement planning

5. Education planning

6. Legacy planning

7. Special situation planning

+ Tax planning

The Complete Picture…

Successful wealth management looks at 7 interrelated components. Our firm is built on the principle that you should have one trusted advisor who’s knowledgeable about your complete financial picture so that you always get the most appropriate advice and recommendations. Using our three-step Lifetime Legacy Process, our team applies wise counsel and experience to build, protect, and preserve your wealth, providing dependable income now and in retirement. 

…Plus One

Tax isn’t one of the 7 components of wealth management because it affects them all. Before you make any financial decision, it pays to consider tax reduction strategies. As Certified Public Accountants, our in-depth knowledge of income, estate, gift, trust, and international taxation provides opportunities to reduce your income tax and preserve your estate from the government.

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